Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014 Book Haul

It's that time of the month again: book hauls! I've gotten a little bit better at editing my videos, so hopefully this one is better than the last. In total, I hauled 35 books. Most of them are new releases, and a few were freebies and gifts. I didn't meet my "12-books-only" quota, but it's still better than the 60-book haul I did last month!


  1. Well you cut it down by half this month, that's something ;) I just bought a few books because since my mum teaches homeschool she gets into the Scholastic bookfair that they have here every year and you know how that goes. But I got some good stuff for half price (bought Shadow and Bone, so I'm excited to read it!) And then I have a couple books waiting for me at B&N when I go tomorrow. I'm trying to cut back on buying because my bday is in August and I usually treat myself to a major bookhaul then, so with that and my library run I know I'll have so many books to find space for :P

    1. I've always wanted to go to a Scholastic book fair. I was homeschooled, but my mum never really got heavily involved in the homeschooling society and didn't enjoy the Scholastic fair she went to (before I was born). I'm hoping in June, I can cut this book haul in half as well! Probably not, as I'm planning to go to Powell's. But we'll see. Seeing as I bought some movies this month as well, I really need to do something about my budget.

    2. I definitely need to because at the moment I'm only working on my author's pittance and the funds I get from teaching piano. But I'm splurging today because I'm going to the mall with my friend, and there's B&N and my favorite movie store. I *might* try and find The Hollow Crown if it's used and cheep at the movie store. I'm hoping anyway ;)

    3. I figure with my book buying that I shouldn't feel too bad about it, because someday I won't be able to do it. And while I don't have other expenses, I should indulge. Life is too short not to. ;) Oh, I hope you find it! I am desperate for all of my friends to see it. :) It's my new favorite BBC production.

    4. Well, I didn't find it. The world seems against me watching it apparently. :P I did buy the first season of Merlin though, it was only 20$ :)

    5. B&N does have "The Hollow Crown," for $35.99 with membership. Not cheap, but cheaper than full price and - well, BBC is always expensive. I keep hoping Costco might carry it sometime with their lovely discounted price before Christmas comes around - I don't want to wait 'til Christmas to watch it again. ;) Tom Hiddleston simply needs to be in more BBC productions.


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