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Reflections & The Return

So anyone who follows this blog even halfway semi-faithfully will have gotten to meme that I took a 2-month sabbatical from The Reading Hedgehog (which actually turned into a 1-month sabbatical). It had become a chore, and even something I dreaded doing every week, and I was seriously tempted to just hit the delete button. So I took time off, to rediscover my love for books and to reassess the future of this blog.
I did a ton of thinking, as well as relaxing, during my month off. I examined the reasons I started my blog, and how those reasons applied to my life as it is now. I re-established my love for books. And now I'm ready to share my findings with my wonderful followers:
Firstly, The Reading Hedgehog isn't going away. While my reasons - and therefore need - for this blog have changed, I know I can't give it up. But part of the reason I was finding it to be a chore is because my reasons for running it had changed. The Reading Hedgehog started out as a whim idea. I ha…