The Blog:

The Reading Hedgehog began as 667B Baker Street, which was started in March 2010. In a fit of brainstorming, trying to figure out how I could improve my blog, I had the sudden image of a little be-scarfed hedgehog reading a book outside of a house in a hill. I knew I had hit upon a wonderful idea, and I acted upon it. 667B Baker Street became The Reading Hedgehog: A hedgie’s literary adventures. The purpose of the blog has not changed. This is a place for bookworms to come and talk about books. Reviews, new releases, movies based off of books – anything bookish. Because my passion is books, I wanted to express and share that love with like-minded people on a literary blog. The Reading Hedgehog’s main focus is Young Adult and Middle Grade literature. On the rare occasion, an Adult book will make its way on, but kid/teen literature is my favorite, and always will be. Friendly comments and questions are always welcome, and The Reading Hedgehog doesn’t mind people who disagree, so long as they don’t get nasty. Part of discussing literature is to talk about difference in opinion as well, right? Mainly, this is a place for fun and warm discussions among friends – new and old – about our shared passion: books.

The Blogger (Mara A):

I am a 23-year-old bookworm, and have been one since the age of five. When I was too young to read to myself, I would beg my parents to read out loud to me until I had the story memorized, after which I would hold the book up in front of myself and repeat what they had read by memory, flipping the pages when they had flipped them (I don’t know how accurate my timing was, though). When I first learned to read, I rebelled at the idea, because I didn’t want my parents to stop reading to me. But once I got the letters down, there was no stopping me. Ever since then, books have been my main passion in life. I love to read them, write them, discuss them, organize them, or just look at them. I have over 800 books, most if not all of them hardcover, and I go out and buy more as soon as I am able. Some of my other passions are playing Irish fiddle, writing, swing dancing, and Mongolian horse archery, all of which I pursue when I don’t have my nose buried in a book. While I read a wide variety of genres and have a favorite book in almost all of them, my favorites are: historical fiction, classics, steampunk, mystery, time travel, and fairytale retellings. I can never pick an all-time favorite author, but these five can be counted among them: Rosemary Sutcliff, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Cornelia Funke, and Maggie Stiefvater. As for favorite books, I have an even harder time choosing, but here are five randomly picked ones: Nicholas Nickleby, Ella Enchanted, Northanger Abbey, The Scorpio Races, and Entwined.

The Reading Hedgehog:

Yes, the Reading Hedgehog is actually a real hedgehog! Meet Bilbo, the newest addition to my family and part of the reason this blog exists. Bilbo is an African Pygmy hedgehog, and he is 10 weeks old in that photo. Named after – you guessed it – the protagonist of The Hobbit, he actually got that name because of Martin Freeman (who played Bilbo in the movie, and has been said to look like a hedgehog; he does). Bilbo’s favorite pastime when he’s awake is to play in his little red wheel, and the rest of the time he snoozes in his sleeping bag while I read books to him. He also enjoys going on unexpected adventures in his snuggly carry bag, so long as he isn’t expected to wake up. His favorite snacks are scrambled eggs and bacon, but he steadfastly turns his nose up at fruits and veggies.