Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hedgehog Life: May 2014

Hello, hello!

I hope May is treating you well! It is treating Hedgie and I relatively well. The weather has been exceedingly erratic. One day, it's in the 90s, and the next it's pouring down rain! Hedgie and I have moved into our summer quarters regardless (i.e. the library. My usual room is in the attic, so it gets super hot during the summer, and is impossible to cool down, so we've both taken up residence in the library so neither of us gets too hot). 

There haven't been many grand plans for this month. Mostly reading. The Reading Hedgehog blog joined its first official read-a-thon challenge (click here to see the post), so I've been outlining my game plan for that so I can actually meet my goal! As far as buying books goes, I have been staying on track. Last month's 60+ run kind of had the same effect on my book-buying as eating too much cake has on a person's sweet tooth: I'm a little sick on it. So this month, I have been good and have only bought one or two unplanned buys. But they were worth it. In the meantime, I've been reading what I have on my shelves.

I also have two books that some authors asked me to review! So exciting! I plan to get through those this month and look forward to writing my reviews about them.

The biggest blogging news (other than The Reading Hedgehog having joined the ranks of booktubers) is that I redesigned the blog! Which you probably all noticed. I just got bored with the old layout, cleaned up the sidebars, and the like. The background still isn't my favorite - it's too green - but I'll work on finding something more suitable later.

June promises to be rather interesting, as I get to meet authors Leigh Bardugo, Emmy Laybourne, Ava Dellaira, and Jennifer Mathieu on the 20th! This four-author panel is part of the Fierce Reads tour. I'm going to make my way through The Grisha trilogy this month in preparation, and I have Love Letters to the Dead on hold at the library, to see if maybe it's a contemporary I might like! I already gave Monument 13 a try, and didn't care for the narration style.

That brings you up to date on Hedgie's and my life! Keep an eye out for the next guest post, book haul, and Hedgie's Must Reads! And have a wonderful rest of May!


  1. Glad things are going well for you and Bilbo :) I can attest to the annoying hateful weather. I did NOT want to put my sweaters away. One does not simply separate me from my cardigans :P I like the new blog design too, Sidebars are always hard, but yours look good. I might redesign mine again this summer. The green does make it look springy though :)

    1. I'm all right with the warm weather (but it never gets like Florida over here; I don't imagine I would like Florida weather too much) - warm weather means I can wear my dresses (I need more winter dresses). But I wish it would decide whether it wants to rain or shine. I do like these particular sidebars; they look cleaner. I like the green background, but I think I want something a little less dark green. Something lighter; a mintier green.

  2. It's a good thing you have a bolt hole for the warmer months. And the upcoming author visits sound really cool!

    1. I didn't used to, before my brother moved out. But, yes, I'm glad I do, given how hot the attic (i.e. my room) gets when the sun deigns to shine in my corner of the world. And we wouldn't want the poor hedgehog roasting. I'm really excited for the author event - lots of pictures forthcoming! ;)


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