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Review: Sea Monster! - Jordan Quinn

The illustrator provided a copy
in exchange for
an honest review.
Sea Monster! by Jordan Quinn
Series: The Kingdom of Wrenly #3
Genre: fantasy
Published on June 10, 2014
Published by Simon & Schuster
Pages: 128
Read From: 7.4.14 - 7.4.14

Something has been making waves around Wrenly, and it's not the tides. Prince Lucas is sure that it's the mysterious sea monster that has only been heard of in tall tales. Now it's frightening everyone - from fishermen, to the king's men, to even the hardiest of sea captains. With the aid of his best friend, Clara, and a cast of unlikely helpers, it's up to Prince Lucas to discover what is bothering the beast and make it stop.


Lucas and Clara's adventures continue in this third book in The Kingdom of Wrenly fantasy series for beginning readers! So far, they've had to track down the Queen's lost necklace and find a cure for a very sick baby scarlet dragon, Ruskin. This time, they're chasing down rumors of a sea monster off the coast of Wrenly. Everyone seems to think the sea monster means harm, but Lucas and Clara are convinced that it's just trying to communicate with them. 

In the usual style of this series, Sea Monster! is full of fun and whimsical adventure, gorgeous black-and-white illustrations on each page, and new - and old! - beloved characters. Ruskin spices Lucas and Clara's adventure up with his antics - and also plays a surprisingly heroic role in the end. The people of Wrenly are very helpful and friendly, but Sea Monster! has some perilous moments that will make young, eager Readers gasp and wonder if Ruskin and his companions will survive their encounter with the sea serpent. We also get to learn more about some of the minor characters' pasts, such as Lucas's old nurse Louisa and Captain Brown, both of whom help Lucas and Clara track the serpent down.

Readers are also treated to seeing more of the Kingdom, as we sail the high seas with Captain Brown and pay the Faeries another visit. They never stay long in each place, but every moment hints at a rich world filled with adventure, fantasy, and a whole host of fascinating characters and creatures. Readers will be eager to delve into Wrenly once again and see what happens to our young hero and heroine next!

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