Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hedgehog Life: July 2014

Did you have a good Fourth of July? Mine was pretty quiet - which is how I like it. Lots of good barbecue - and Hedgie got to have some chicken, as a treat (he loved it). And fireworks at night - which Hedgie did not appreciate. Mostly, though, I used my 2-day weekend to read and watch silly TV shows.

July has been a pretty quiet month, compared to the rather crazy month of June. No authors to go see, no new movies. The weather has been crazy hot, so I've been staying inside in the air conditioning when I'm not at work (which has no air conditioning, and feels something like a brick oven). It's been too hot even for a hedgehog! He's decided that he likes the air vent in the library. So we've been sitting next to that with lemonade (well, I have lemonade) and reading the stack of TBRs I chose for the month. And yay me - I've actually made very decent headway through that stack, totally making up for the sad 8-book June read.

So, yes, this month's Hedgehog Life is a little dull. The only really exciting thing I've done is go see Rifftrax Live: Sharknado (all you nerds out there, you know what I'm talking about) and embark on the long process of reading Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices trilogy. Shockingly enough, I'm actually enjoying them. I would, by no means, call them literature, or even good fiction. But they're fast, their entertaining, they don't require you to think, and the characters are at least moderately likable.

Oh yes - and I got my ottoman! Check out the picture! It opens, too, so I can store things in it - like a grumpy hedgehog when I need to clean his cage and can't just leave him loose in the library. ;) Actually, he really likes it inside the ottoman.

Next month - August - is going to be insane. Lots of books to buy (not that this month was tame month in terms of buying books. . . .), a trip to Powell's City of Books, the county fair, and - the highlight of every summer - the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire! Yays! It's also going to be an expensive month. . . .Oh well!

Until then, Followers!


  1. Your work has no air conditioning?!! Oh you poor thing!! Here in Bakersfield, we can't survive the summer without it, since it gets 100+ degrees here. No one with a brain goes outside in the afternoon, unless they want to roast to death.

    1. Yeah. . . .It's pretty miserable. We have about 9 fans, but it only stirs the muggy air; it doesn't make it cooler inside. I invested in some very light tops this year. ;)

  2. No AC in a bookstore? How do the books survive the humidity?

    1. The paperbacks curl and the hardcovers given me sullen looks. ;) The weather has turned finally, though. (And I promise to actually upload the picture of my ottoman very soon!)


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