July 2014 Book Haul

So, this month I was only supposed to buy 12 books. . . .Yeah, that didn't happen. 59 total, and only 3 of those were given to me. But to be fair to myself, I bought most of them - and I mean most of them - for as little as $1.00! So, really, should I feel guilty for the number of books I bought when I really didn't actually spend that much? Anyway, this book haul is in 2 parts, and I hope you enjoy!


  1. My goodness, that is definitely quite a haul! I know next month is going to be a splurge month for me, but it's my birthday, so that's my excuse, and my parent's don't buy me books because they don't know what I have already :P

    I am definitely looking forward to your reviewing Charlotte Sycamore. I would love to say I hope your opinion differs, but because it wasn't just the story I can't say I have too much hope haha ;) I think you will enjoy the Land of Elyon series though. I read them when they came out and I enjoyed them a lot then, though is has been quite a few years since I read them.

    Oh, and on a random note, the sub genre of sci-fi steampunk is called "Raygun Gothic" :)

    1. Yeah, it was a bad month in terms of self-discipline. ;) August is just going to be bad because . . . . August always is. Between Ren Faire, Powell's, and just life in general. ;)

      I know; I'm pretty sure we'll agree on it. But I always hope in these cases that I'm wrong, because I do hate it when I dislike a book I bought. . . .Oh well. It'll be entertaining either way, right? THE LAND OF ELYON always caught my attention because of how it looked, so I'm sure I'll probably like them.

      Really?! That's kinda awesome. So there's steampunk, Raygun Gothic, and cyberpunk. Cyberpunk must be like futuristic cyborg steampunkish stuff.

    2. There's also 'Dieselpunk' which is like steampunk, but it's not steam-powered stuff. And instead of being classy Victorian it seems more like the underworld kind of stuff. It's all very interesting. I learned it from a steampunk book I got a while back that explained the different genres. There were a couple more too that I can't remember.

    3. I think INCARCERON might fall into the dieselpunk category, if not cyberpunk.

  2. 59? Hmm, maybe it's a good thing I don't live near Powell's. ;)

    I'll be interested to see your thoughts on the "A Great and Terrible Beauty" trilogy. I only read the first one, and it was a while ago.

    1. Powell's actually isn't what broke me; it was Half Price Books.

      It's been on my TBR for a long time, so I'm excited to get to it, too! :)


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