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Review: Beneath the Stone Forest - Jordan Quinn

Beneath the Stone Forest by Jordan Quinn
Series: The Kingdom of Wrenly #6
Genre: Beginning Reader, fantasy
Published on December 2, 2014
Published by Little Simon
Pages: 128
Read From: 1.10.15 - 1.10.15

Clara invites Prince Lucas on her journey to map out the Stone Forest for a class project. The tunnels beneath the stone forest are a maze, and only the gnomes who work there can find their way around. Lucas and Clara can't wait to explore them! Unfortunately, the prince has a visiting cousin who's a royal pain and doesn't want to get her hands dirty. But when Princess Bella's puppy gets lost, she realizes that the people who make up a kingdom are just as important as their rulers.


In this sixth installment of The Kingdom of Wrenly series, Clara and Lucas and Ruskin take off to explore the mysterious and enchanting tunnels of the Stone Forest - where gnomes mine of jewels that only they can pry out. Unfortunately, Lucas and Clara's adventure is ruined by Lucas's snotty cousin Princess Bella and her obnoxious dog Percy. As a princess, Bella thinks she's above everyone else, including Clara. However, she's about to learn a lesson in valuing people for who they are, and not their station, when Percy is lost in the tunnels of the Stone Forest.

Having grown up with a cousin I didn't exactly get along with, as well as snooty girls who thought themselves superior to me because they were in public school (oh, how mistaken they were. . . .), I always enjoy snooty characters/cousins. I can relate very easily. And Bella was pretty easy to dislike in the beginning. Especially when she's a jerk to Clara.

It was really fun to see the Stone Forest, and therefore more of Wrenly. Part of the fun of this series is learning about all the different parts of Wrenly - and the creatures and people who live there. While Beneath the Stone Forest teaches a lesson in appreciating one's friends, it also is yet another fun, magical adventure that won't soon be forgotten by Wrenly fans.

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