Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

Books to Movies is a feature where I review movies based off books! These reviews are for people who have read the book, so spoilers are definitely within.

Rated: PG-13

Is it worth watching?

If you are into movies based off of YA contemporary that will wrench your heart out and eat it, yes - it is absolutely worth watching. If you like that kind of thing.

Is it clean?

Unfortunately no. 1 f-word, 6 s-words, and 2 g--damns. Hazel and Augustus also, yes, sleep together. Lots of kissing, and Hazel taking her bra off, but we don't see anything beyond that.

How is the cast?

I really do have to admit that Shailene Woodley is a talented actress, and she was very good as Hazel. Nat Wolff as Isaac didn't quite work for me, though I'm not sure why. The supporting cast were all done quite well. However. . . .Ansel Elgort as Augustus. . . .I don't think he's a bad actor - not at all. And to be fair, he was more tolerable as Augustus than I initially thought he would be. But I still didn't like him as Augustus; he just didn't work for me. Well over half of the girls who go see this movie will probably disagree with me, I'm sure. But I'm sorry ladies; he wasn't Augustus for me, and he never will be. His grinning was obnoxious and he was just so guy.

Did the story stay close to the book?

Very close. They, of course, shortened a few things, took smaller things out to fit the flow, but overall it was extremely close to the book. I have nothing to complain about in this area.

Did they even get the little things right?


But the ending is good, right?

Yup! I almost cried in the same place as in the book, I almost cried at the end, I almost cried in between! I say "almost" because it takes a lot to make me cry, and while the eyes teared up, I didn't actually start crying. Not during the movie or the book.

So if I absolutely adore the book, will I like the movie?

Actually, yes, I think you will! They did Hazel and everyone else really well, they stayed close to the book, and I have to say that this was a pretty good adaption! My biggest - and really only - complaint was the casting choice for Augustus. He just didn't work. It wasn't any fault of his; like I said, I think he's a good actor. But he didn't suit Augustus. You miss a lot of the humor that's is in The Fault in Our Stars, of course, because you don't get Hazel's continuous first person narration, but they still did a pretty good job of capturing it, all things considered.


  1. Great review. I have mine scheduled to go live next Thursday and must admit that I enjoyed some of the movie but not all. I think I'll be giving it 6/10 because in the second half it slipped into sappy, romcom style when it isn't really supposed to be 'sugar-coating' it. I didn't find Ansel believable at times because of his crying - it looked like he was trying so hard to cry that I never felt any real emotion from the character.

    I actually loved Nat Wolff as Isaac, he was my favourite. I think it was a great adaptation but only an okay film.

    1. I look forward to reading your review! :) I enjoyed some of the movie, too. There was just something about Ansel's Augustus that I really didn't like. Yeah, the crying wasn't always convincing. Ditto on the "great adaption, but only an okay film." They were true to the book, but some important aspects of their cast needed to be worked on. And I really don't know what it was about Nat Wolff I didn't like.


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