Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hedgie's Must Reads: November 2013

This month has been crazy! What with being newly employed at a bookstore (a childhood dream come true!) and the Christmas season nearly upon us, I'm not sure how I found time to read! But I did. Poor Hedgie was ill the past few weeks. He had some problems with mites - nothing severe, but his skin was a little sore. So I curled up with him every moment I got to read through books while his mite medicine did its magic. That was several weeks back, though, and Hedgie is much better now - well enough to help me pick the top reads of November.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (5/5)
I'm a huge fan of WWII novels, and rarely am disappointed with them (because the era automatically makes them better). It took me a long time to try this one, though, because when it first came out I was young and couldn't follow the narration style. With the movie coming out, I decided to read it through . . . And I really liked it. The narration takes a little getting used to, because it is a bit odd. But it's such a unique way to write about an event in history that a lot of Readers know about, and I just found myself totally pulled in. A YA book, this is probably best for older teens and adults, due to interest level. Anyone younger than seventeen probably won't stick with it for long.

The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell (3/5)
Where do animals loved by children go after they die? They go to a land of snow called Sylver, where they live out strangely human-like existences and watch over their children. Rufus was a pet who was loved by a girl named Lin. And when Lin discovers a door to Sylver, opened by a mysterious key that arrives one day in a package, pet and child are reunited. But Lin soon finds out that she's been called to Sylver for a reason. She is a Twistrose - a child destined to save Sylver. The Winter Prince has gone missing, and she must find him before midnight. This is a terrific Christmas read, full of magic and whimsy and talking animals and snow. I really enjoyed it. Girl-and-boy read, eight-and-up, great for fans of talking animals!


  1. I'm glad the hedgehog is feeling better!

    Will definitely have to read The Book Thief soon, though I've picked out a few quick reads to help me catch up on my GR Challenge first. And, alas, Nanowrimo is done, but the book is not. More long days of writing and no social life ahead. ;)

    Also, just finished The Dream Thieves yesterday ... well, I'm still considering how to word my review. Two stars only, though. :(

    1. I just saw the movie THE BOOK THIEF last night - and stupidly forgot tissues. As a person who has read the book, the movie was PERFECT. I'll have my review up on Thursday.

      Yes . . . I saw that, and I'm waiting to see your explanation . . . *taps fingers impatiently* ;)


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