Friday, August 30, 2013

Author Visit: Marissa Meyer

That's right - I am finally posting this! I am so sorry it took me so long! My photographer had just as busy a month as I did, so it took her a while to get the pictures to me (huge thanks to Rachel for being my photographer in the first place! You're the best!)

On July 27, 2013, Marissa Meyer, author of The Lunar Chronicles (Book #1: Cinder. Book #2: Scarlet) was on tour in Washington State. I was able to attend her visit at the Centralia Timberland Library, and what a blast it was. I was able to record her lecture and the Q&A, and as soon as I get a chord for my recorder that allows me to upload my audio files, I will add it to this post for my Readers' enjoyment. I tried typing it out, but me put it this way: a 45+ minute talk pushed my patience considerably, and I'm sorry Readers - I love you all, but not that much. ;-) Besides, I don't want to run the risk of misquoting Marissa Meyer, so letting you guys listen to it at your convenience is a better idea.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures! :-)

The lovely table all set up for Marissa Meyer's visit!

Handmade androids welcoming Marissa Meyer!

Some lovely pins that event attendees were allowed to take home for free!
I got a "Big Bad Wolf" pin, which now resides on my book bag.

Marissa Meyer telling us about her books and how she was inspired to write.

Marissa Meyer signing my copy of Scarlet!

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