Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Emma and the Blue Genie - Cornelia Funke

Emma and the Blue Genie by Cornelia Funke
Genre: Beginning Reader, fantasy
Published on October 14, 2014
Published by Random House
Pages: 96
Read From: 12.19.14 - 12.19.14

One dark night, Emma finds a mysterious green bottle floating in the ocean. When she pulls out the stopper, she sets a blue genie free! 
Most genies grant three wishes, but Karim can't grant even one anymore. A yellow genie stole his magic nose ring, leaving him small, powerless, and trapped in that bottle. Emma and her noodle-tailed dog have to help Karim get his nose ring - and his magic - back!


A thoroughly charming tale of bravery, magic, and loyalty that only Cornelia Funke could write. With full-color illustrations, Emma and the Blue Genie invites readers to go on a whimsical Arabian Nights-like adventure with Emma and her dog, as they journey to a distant land to help Karim the Blue Genie reclaim his stolen magic nose ring from the evil Yellow Genie. He makes impossible demands on Karim's caliph and is slowly destroying Karim's city. But with the help of one courageous girl and dog, Karim might be able to defeat the Yellow Genie for good.

Needless to say, I loved this book. It's Cornelia Funke and about djinn. I loved The Arabian Nights ever since I was a kid. So much magic and treasure and strange things - what's not to love?! If this had been published when I was still a child, it would have been one of my absolute favorite books. As an adult, it actually still is.

Fans of Cornelia Funke won't be disappointed at all.

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