Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hedgehog Life: February 2014

Hedgehog Life is a monthly update letting people know
what's new in The Reading Hedgehog's life!

Hello, all!

Welcome to a new feature, letting people know what has been going on and what will be going on in The Reading Hedgehog's life! February has been pretty unexciting for us. Lots of reading, watching BBC shows, work, and reading some more. Poor Hedgie has been going through his second major quilling, which is when hedgehogs lose their baby quills and get new adult ones in. It's an uncomfortable process, as he has thousands of sharp little quills poking up through his skin, so he's been rather crabby all this month. Fortunately, though, he is towards the end of it now, and going back to being a sweet little ball of jam and kittens (and sometimes rage).

Tomorrow, in fact, The Reading Hedgehog is going to meet three authors! Victoria Schwab, Kendare Blake, and Lish McBride are doing a signing event together, and we're going up to ask them questions, get pictures, and of course get our books signed. I have all of their books, so that's 9 books total. Fun times! And hopefully in March, we will also be meeting Brandon Sanderson.

In preparation for the event, Hedgie, a friend, and I went on a read-a-thon over the weekend, trying to catch up on Victoria, Lish, and Kendare's books. We got caught up on Victoria Schwab's books, but unfortunately didn't get to Lish McBride's or Kendare Blake's. :-( The read-a-thon was a lot of fun, though, and we're going to try and make it a monthly event (a new monthly feature may follow; if any of you want to join in on the read-a-thon).

On top of those exciting events, Hedgie and I have been reading a lot of ARCs for upcoming new releases - very exciting! And we've been watching Season 4 of Downton Abbey and re-watching Season 3 of Sherlock (because one cannot simply watch it once or even twice; oh no, one must obsess over it). And we have also been buying a lot of books . . . . Details will follow with this month's Book Haul post, but suffice to say it hasn't exactly been a cheap month. Most of the books were either new releases that I planned on buying, and then I had an extra $100 to spend on a whim (earned at a music gig, therefore I could afford it). But there were some unplanned buys, and with the author event I had extras to buy . . . . Oh well. March will be a little better in the fact that all the books I'm buying that month are new releases. There's a lot of them, but they are planned, and hopefully April will be a smaller month.

Some of you might be wondering when the next Books to Movies feature will be! Good news - it will be in March. The Reading Hedgehog will be reviewing Divergent, though I'm certain I won't like it much. Future movies will include The Giver, The Fault in Our Stars (provided it isn't too trashy), The Maze Runner, and Mockingjay Part 1.

That should bring you up to date on The Reading Hedgehog's current life. See you next month!


  1. Aw he's so adorable =) I can imagine quilling would not be a pleasant process. Read-a-thons sound like a fun idea. I'd like to take part in one sometime if I get a chance depending on if I can get the books in time. That's awesome you get to meet three authors are they doing a co-signing? Wish I could go! Hope you have a good time :)

    1. Thankfully, Bilbo might actually be done with it in about 2 weeks, so he'll be done with his grumpy stage. Read-a-thons are tons of fun. I want to do them on a regular basis. Yeah, they were all signing their books - it was a lot of fun. And Kendare Blake had actually visited the blog (!!) and asked after Bilbo. :)

    2. That's awesome! Glad you had fun :)

  2. Tell Bilbo I said good luck with the quilling! I hope the author event went well. :)

    1. Bilbo will appreciate the sentiment. :) Hey, what happened to your blog? I can't find it anymore! :( And yes, the author event went very well. Except I had all the time to ask questions - and I didn't have any!

    2. I changed the name/address to I'm surprised the GFC links didn't hold...hmm.

      I hate it when that happens! You have the perfect opportunity, but you blank out on words. *sigh* Happens to me all the time.


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