Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #34

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic: Top 10 Popular Authors I Have Never Read. Some of these authors are on my TBR list; others are purposely on my "never read before" list and will stay there. ;-)

  • Stephanie Meyer. I don't do vampires, I don't do vampires, I don't do vampires! I don't do vampires specifically because of this Author. She made them very uncool (Dracula would be appalled), and she almost ruined werewolves, too.
  • Terry Pratchett. I know I have a few of his books on my TBR. He's just one of those Authors that I've never gotten around to reading, mostly because he's written so bloody much.
  • J. K. Rowling. I have all but one of the Harry Potter books on my shelves, waiting to be read! When the books first came out, I wasn't into fantasy beyond fairy tales. Then, when they became so bloody popular, I resisted for the simple fact that they were so bloody popular. I don't do popular.
  • George R. R. Martin. I don't know whether or not I ever will read his books. They sound awesome, I think they're on my TBR list, but I will probably never get around to them. They're so bloody looooooong! I barely have enough time to get through Charles Dickens, and I love his books!
  • Veronica Rossi. Nope, never will read these. They sound too chick-ish, too mushy, and very pointless. I like dystopian, but not dystopian romance.
  • Julie Kagawa. Her books are on my TBR, and I have every intention of reading her books this year - or at least start buying them so I can marathon all of them next year.
  • Cassandra Clare. If I remember correctly, she actually does have a new series coming out that I do have on my TBR list. But I'm not going to read the series that made her popular: The Mortal Instruments. Just . . . . no. Not my thing.
  • Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl and Eleanor & Park are both on my TBR, but I'm not sure I'm actually going to get through them ever. I want to try, but I don't think it'll be successful.
  • Sarah Dessen. Not a chick-lit fan; not even a little bit. Some chick-lit, like the more sweet, comic ones, I can sometimes do. But not Sarah Dessen; never Sarah Dessen.
  • Stephen King. I think that the majority of people have read at least one of his books in their lifetime. Not all, but the majority. I have . . . two of his books on my list because they sound interesting and I like their movie adaptions. But apart from those, I've never had much interest in reading his books. Horror isn't my thing.

What are some popular authors you've never read?


  1. I've read Sarah Dessen, J.K, Julie Kagawa and Cassandra Clare and enjoyed them all, but I fully understand your reasons behind those choices. All of the other choices I haven't read, but I'm considering some Terry Pratchett because my Nan has a load of books by him so it's an idea! Great list though Mara :)
    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I've always wanted to read Terry Pratchett. The guy has just written so bloody much, it's a little intimidating. :)

  2. Your list is ridiculously similar to mine. If I made the list last year, they would have been spot on (I finally read Rowling).

    1. That's a little scary. Are you my twin? ;P

  3. Aw, how do you know you wouldn't like Sarah Dessen if you've never read her?

    This is a lot of fantasy! I'm stunned you haven't read Rowling, Meyer, Martin, and Clare. Those are some big authors to avoid ;)

    Definitely avoid Rossi. I read one of her books and it...died.

    My TTT

    1. The same way I know cyanide will kill me without having ever tried it myself. ;) I have enough friends who have read Sarah Dessen that I know she isn't for me. Not saying she's a bad author; I'm just not a chick-lit fan.

      I will read Rowling and Martin at some point - when I get a chance. ;) Meyer and Clare write paranormal romance; big difference between that and fantasy.

  4. Hmm...if you're looking to avoid the world of Clare's first series, you may have a while to wait. I could be wrong, but I think just about everything she's done since is set in the same world, just different time periods.

    My sister LOVED Sarah Dessen's books back in the day. I read one and was pretty happy with it. She got me to read her favorite, and I was "meh." Haven't read any others since, but I can see why they're popular.

    1. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I think Cassandra Clare is co-authoring a series due for release next year. I might be thinking of someone else, but for some reason her name sticks in my head. It's not so much the world I have an issue with; it's the romance.

    2. Good luck! (I have a horrible inkling that everything she's done has involved romance, often with a triangle of some sort...but here's hoping!)


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