Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hedgehog Life: March 2014

I know, it's rather early in the month to be doing a Hedgehog Life update, but I was too tired to put together a Weekend Recommendations for today, so I decided - why not? Surely I can think of some interesting things that have happened in Hedgie's and my life recently to talk about.

Well, for Hedgie, there's nothing but good news: his quilling is all but done! He's still getting some quills in, and right now he's being grumpy about it, but once this new batch is finished popping in, he should be done. My poor little man has been having such a rough time of it; I'll be just as glad as he is when it's all over. A grumpy hedgehog isn't nearly as fun to cuddle as a happy hedgehog. ;-) At least he's done losing them.

The biggest news on our end, though, is: I have a new bookshelf! My dad was able to finish building another one (and I desperately needed it), and I got it all painted and bolted to the wall, and now it's all full of beautiful books! And it actually freed up at least half of one of my other shelves, which should last me until . . . . Christmas, if I'm good about buying only those books I plan for each month.

On that note, I have actually been really good this month (cross fingers, because I probably just jinxed myself). This was an 11-book month in terms of new releases, so I don't have any room for extra buys - at least, I shouldn't have any room. I kind of did buy a book that I was going to save until April, but the website I bought it from was almost out, so I didn't want to wait any longer. It wasn't hugely expensive, so I don't feel too bad. If I can stick to my buying plans this month and April, I will feel much better and treat myself to something in the summer months - when I don't have as many new releases to buy. The fall is looking very heavy in terms of book buying, though. Lots of good books coming out then . . . .

As far as reading updates go, March has been pretty good so far! Actually, all of 2014 has been better than 2013 was. Maybe I'm in a better mood or something, so I'm not as critical, but I've just been enjoying the books I have been reading - even the 2-strawberry reads. Aside from that 1-strawberry read in January, it's been mostly 2-strawberry, 3-strawberry, and 4-strawberry reads!

That's all for Hedgehog Life this month. How are things going for you guys?


  1. I'm glad Bilbo is feeling better. I can't imagine cuddling with a grumpy hedgehog to be much fun at all.

    It's been a tiring start to the month for me. I'm dogsitting this weekend and not getting much sleep, and I have another round of it even farther away from work coming up later this month. Here's hoping I don't get too tired to read. :)

    1. So long as I'm not touching his quills, he is fine cuddling during his quilling. But it's so much fun petting his quills because it feels funny that it is hard to have to not do that.

      Best luck keeping your energy up. :)


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