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Liebster Blog Award Nomination

Thank you, Danielle at Thee Daily Prophet, Amanda at Book Badger, and Karsyn at KaKiJoKoJa for nominating me!

What is the Liebster Blog Award? It is a German award which is now translated as The Beloved & Dearest Blog Award. This award is currently open for nomination to eligible blogs with quality content and a follower count less than 200 to bring more recognition to some of the smaller and newer blogs. It is up to the nominee to choose whether one wants to accept the nomination and the award or to decline it.

Award Rules: Should the nominee choose to accept their nomination they have to follow a set of guidelines in order to receive their award. First, the nominee must share 11 facts about themselves, then answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them, and lastly ask 11 questions which the bloggers being further nominated by them are to answer. The number of nominations to follow may vary from 5 to 11 blogs, all of which have to be meeting the nomination criteria. So let’s get on with it shall we?

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I bought a hedgehog because the strain of waiting for Season 3 of BBC's Sherlock was too much. Before tumblr started the very hilarious joke that Martin Freeman (John Watson) looks like a hedgehog (and he totally does), I didn't know one could even get hedgehogs as pets. The things we end up doing for our fandoms!
  2. I was a Sherlockian (a scholar of Sherlock Holmes) loooooong before Sherlock became cool. I got the complete annotated Sherlock Holmes stories in three thick volumes for Christmas long before I saw any of the movies, and I read them in 2 weeks. Then I saw the movies; liked the first one, thought the second one was a bit of a failure. Then I saw BBC's show, and loved it. Got all of my friends into it. And now I am irritated that it's so popular because I hate it when things I like are popular.
  3. I am allergic to paperback books. Well, not really. I just don't like them. Give me a hardcover any day; I detest paperbacks. They get beat up so easily and don't stay open unless one breaks their spines, and they're ugly on bookshelves.
  4. I won't kill bugs because when the giant bug apocalypse comes, I don't want them to have a reason to enslave and kill me. Seriously, the giant bug apocalypse is coming, and they will totally target us humans for squashing them and pulling their wings off and burning them with magnifying glasses. My hands are clean of bug blood! :-) Actually, I just hate dead bugs - a phobia of which I have no ideas of its origins.
  5. For my ninth birthday, I asked to spend the whole day at the library. And my graduation present was a trip to the world's awesomest used bookstore - and money, of course, because one cannot go to the world's awesomest used bookstore without money.
  6. I didn't want to learn how to read when I was a kid, because I didn't want my parents to stop reading out loud to me. Then once I got good enough, I started reading them, and that was much more fun. :-)
  7. I hate vegetables, but love seaweed.
  8. I have a cat (well, my brother's cat that adopted me when he left) that is so much like Charles Augustus Magnussen/Milverton that I am seriously considering changing his name.
  9. I taught myself how to spell by typing out whole books on my dad's computer when I was a kid. Then I'd just delete it when I was done. We're talking 300+ page books here. I definitely learned how to spell! And type really fast.
  10. I live in an attic - just like Sarah Crewe! And it's the biggest room in the house. :-)
  11. If the house ever caught fire, I'd save my collection of Sherlock Holmes (my hedgehog is a given; no way I'd let him burn up, but we're not counting living creatures. This is a "if everyone else is safe" scenario).

11 Questions From Danielle

Q: What made you want to blog?
A: I actually didn't think about blogging at all until I saw the movie Julie & Julia. Blogging seemed like such a fun thing! And then I was like - wait, I could totally blog about books! And writing! So I created my first blog: 667B Baker Street, which was an inside joke that no one but myself and immediate family understood. Then I got my hedgehog and the title The Reading Hedgehog was so amazingly adorable, I decided to redesign my blog.
Q: What about blogging do you find most challenging?
A: Formatting. I know next to nothing about HTML, which doesn't make my blogging life any easier, and I'm too lazy to start learning now.
Q: If you could live in any book world, where would you live?
A: Hmm, toughie. Can we count historical settings? Yes, we will count historical settings. I would live in Sherlock Holmes's London.
Q: Who are your top three favorite authors?
A: Charles Dickens, Rosemary Sutcliff, Cornelia Funke
Q: If you could be any book character, who would you be and why?
A: Ella from Ella Enchanted. She's funny and, um, well gets to marry Char. And Char is definitely a character crush of mine. :-) But, really, Ella is just awesome; it would be fun to be her.
Q: Name a book you absolutely disliked and why?
A: I'll go with a less obvious choice: Venom by Fiona Paul. Talk about a book whose historical inaccuracies just drove me up a bloody wall - not to mention the characters and the lack of secret societies. I love Venice-set stories! But this one was awful.
Q: If you could, what three COMPLETE series would you buy right now?
A: Grr, that's a hard one. I guess, Graceling, Shatter Me, and The Looking Glass Wars.
Q: What do you do when you're not reading or blogging?
A: Work. Write. Practice my fiddle. Bake. Dream of the day when I will actually sit down and pursue watercolors in earnest.
Q: If you could have the privilege of killing any book character without any consequences, who would you rid the world of?
A: Eragon. No questions asked.
Q: Where is your favorite place to buy books?
A: Powell's City of Books and where I work - Book 'N' Brush.
Q: Do you watch book-tubers and if so who is your favorite?
A: I do watch book-tubers; they're a great source for reading ideas! My favorite is probably Kassidy Voinche and Little Book Owl.

11 Questions from Amanda

Q: What was the first book you ever reviewed?
A: "Climbing the Stairs" by Padma Venkatraman. Still an absolute favorite.
Q: What do you do when you're not blogging?
A: Work. Write. Practice my fiddle. Play with the hedgehog. Archery. Read. Bake. Design jewelry.
Q: What is your favorite meal? Homemade or Restaurant?
A: Homemade for most stuff - my mom is a wonderful cook. Her good is restaurant quality.
Q: Who are your 3 recommended authors?
A: Cornelia Funke, Charles Dickens, Morgan Rhodes.
Q: Would you say your book-buying is acceptable, a little too much, or shocking?
A: Well, ever since I got a job, it's gone from a little too much to absolutely shocking. This month has been good, though, so far . . . .
Q: What is/are some of your favorite songs to listen to?
A: Most people wouldn't recognize their titles because they're all traditional Irish or Klezmer tunes. Or soundtracks from movies like "Gladiator" and "King Arthur."
Q: Name your lowest rated book you've reviewed; why didn't you enjoy it?
A: I've had quite a few of those, and they get what I call the Special Awfulness Award - a rating below strawberries or stars. One of those was "Splintered" by A. G. Howard. What is there to like about it? The love interests are either chauvinists and abusive or downright creeps. The girl is a certified nut job who uses dead bugs in her artwork so she can shut them up. And I like Tim Burton's rendition of Wonderland, but this was like Wonderland on the worst drugs you can possibly find.
Q: If you had $10,000, what would you do first?
A: Seriously resists a $10,000 book-buying spree. Then I'd lock it up in a bank account and forget that I have it so I don't use it.
Q: What kind of holiday would you prefer? Relaxing Beach or Sight-Seeing City?
A: Relaxing Beach. While there are plenty of big cities (like London) that I really want to see, I'm not really a big fan of cities themselves. Too crowded, too noisy.
Q: What are your interests besides reading?
A: Writing, archery, baking, beading, collecting ridiculous hats and teacups, journaling. Those are just some interests; I'm going to give everything away.
Q: If you could have or create any job in the world, what would you do?
A: My Sherlockian side says "consulting detective" all the way. But while I love Sherlock and have lots of personality traits in common with him, I'm like Mycroft in the fact that legwork isn't really my thing. I suppose . . . . reading books for a living. A real living. :-)

11 Questions from Karsyn

Q: What got you into blogging?
A: See my answer to Danielle's first question. :-)
Q: What is your favorite book?
A: Hard choice. Right now, my favorite is "Rebel Spring" by Morgan Rhodes - Book #2 in her "Falling Kingdoms" series.
Q: Do you collect anything (other than books)?
A: I do, actually, though because books always come first, my collections aren't very big. But, anyway, I also collect teacups and Venetian masks.
Q: Ideal vacation?
A: Time spent at home reading with my hedgehog. :-) But if you mean actually, physically going somewhere - a trip to England, touring the countryside.
Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A: I like where I am. Unless the U.K. turns its politics around and ceases to be socialist, I think I could actually be very happy living somewhere in Yorkshire or Wales. I'd be very used to the weather, and I just absolutely love the countryside. However, the U.K. is socialist, so I have no intention of leaving where I'm at.
Q: And bad book habits?
A: Buying WAY too many of them! ;-) Seriously, though, I have a problem - worse than most bookworms. Other bookworms think they're book-buying habits are bad until they meet me.
Q: What is your favorite word?
A: Depends on the day. I love "idiosyncrasy" and "penultimate." "Happenstance" is also fun, as is "tenacity" and "perpendicular."
Q: What store did you last spend money in?
A: Probably the bookstore I work at. So other than where I work - a local furniture store. I ordered a small ottoman for my library!
Q: What book world would you most want to live in?
A: You mean, other than the one I created? ;-) Probably Inkworld or Mirrorworld - both created by Cornelia Funke.
Q: Are you a neat or messy person?
A: Again, depends on the day. In general, I like to have everything organized and alphabetical and chronological and just so. But if I'm honed in on a project, where I forget about everything else (including food) and just work at whatever it is I'm working on (usually writing), I could not care less about how messy my room is. 

My 11 Questions for Nominees:

  1. What was your favorite book growing up?
  2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  3. What is your 3 favorite genres?
  4. Vampires or werewolves (note: this question has nothing to do with Twilight; think traditional vampires and werewolves)?
  5. If you could have 3 authors over for dinner, who would they be and why?
  6. Favorite classic and least favorite?
  7. Do you blog and book-tube, or just blog?
  8. Where is your favorite place to read?
  9. When you buy a series, does it have to match? Or can you have some of them paperback, and some of them hardcover?
  10. How do you organize your library?
  11. New books or used books?

For the Liebster Blog Award I Nominate:

  1. Becca @ Pivot Book Reviews
  2. BarmyBex @ Becky's Barmy Book Blog
  3. Manda @ Elfswood
  4. Best @ B's Book Blog
  5. Katie @ Book Savvy
  6. Hazel @ Hazel West's Character Purgatory
  7. Roxanne Elizabeth @ Story Envy
  8. Edel @ The Irish Bookworm


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