Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #4

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

This week's topic: Top Ten Words/Topics that will make you NOT pick up a book! This is, thankfully, a fairly easy choice for me, and so here it goes!

  1. Vampires. Dracula is the only execption because he's a classic. And I love Bram Stoker's style.
  2. Teen drug/family abuse problems. Real life is depressing enough! Why would I want to read about that?
  3. Gay/lesbian couples. Unless it serves the plot's purpose to make a character gay or lesbian, and it isn't just the Author trying to preach his/her personal views, this just isn't something I care to read about.
  4. Hot guys. If this or a description akin to it appears in a synopsis, no thank you! Because "hot" and "guy" equals a truly horrendous read. "Attractive" may be used, or even "mysterious," but not "hot."
  5. Zombies. If there's zombies, I pass. Zombies just aren't my thing.
  6. Superheroes. I don't care if it's a middle grade comedy; I don't do superheroes. Even if a person insists that no, they aren't your traditional superheroes! They've been revamped and made awesome! Sorry; I will always picture grown men dressed in tights, capes, and red trunks.
  7. Fallen angels. It goes right up there with vampires. Let's face it: there isn't a fallen angel story out there that isn't a romance.
  8. New Adult. As both a genre and topic, I find the idea of new adult just downright disgusting. I have no interest in reading about intercourse.
  9. School life stories. Why would one wish to read about some poor fictional middle grader's (or high schooler's) time in school? Boring!
  10. Romance. If a book has romance in it, but that isn't the main focus, okay I'll give it a try. I've read a lot of historical fiction, mysteries, time travel, and the like that has romance in it, and I still liked the book because it wasn't the main focus. But if a book's only focus is romance, I give up.

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