Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 TBR Update #2

So it's been a (long) while since I've done one of these updates, but I'm going to try and do them on Mondays on a regular basis. Not only so you can stay up to date on my reading challenges, but also my TBR progress for the months.

So my January TBR has 11 official books. Out of those, I have completed 1 this week.
  • The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer (3/5 strawberries)
I have 10 left to read:
  • A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
  • Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead
  • The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer
  • Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty
  • Anne & Henry by Dawn Ius
  • Castle in the Air - Diana Wynne Jones
  • The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket
  • Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond
I have also read:
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 10 by Natsuki Takaya (5/5 strawberries)
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 11 by Natsuki Takaya (5/5 strawberries)
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 12 by Natsuki Takaya (4/5 strawberries)
  • Red River Vol. 3 by Chie Shinohara (3/5 strawberries)
  • Red River Vol. 4 by Chie Shinohara (3/5 strawberries)
I am currently reading 3 books:
  • A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
  • Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead
  • The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
I have caught up on 0 series, and I have started 1 new series/trilogies/duologies (Sea of Trolls Trilogy).

So I sort of failed in last year's all-year-round challenge, but this year I'm doing another one just because I can! And I'm doing the 2016 Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge. Click the link to see detailed rules, but essentially each month there are a set of keywords, and I have to choose a book that adheres to one of those keywords in the title. For me, I'm going to try and select more than one keyword, because I like a challenge..

This month's keywords are: 
Crowd, Girl, The, Bad, Soul, Soft
(Girl on a WireThe Bad Beginning)

FEB: Veil, Kiss, Her, Break, Love, Stars

MAR: Game, Fire, Darkness, School, Like, Change

APR: Far, Life, Stay, One, War, Thorns

MAY: Cure, Trial, Family, Key, Thief, Bend

JUN: Moon, In, Only, Whisper, Sleep, Trap

JUL: Rose, Sun, Clock, Day, Angel, Unto

AUG: Prince, Boy, Glass, Heart, Lost, Now

SEP: Wind, Color, Touch, At, How, Sweet

OCT: Rock, Ghost, Fall, Away, Sky, Storm

NOV: Dream, Holiday, And, Of, Dawn, Beautiful

DEC: End, Promise, Everlasting, Ice, Snow, My

And because I feel like stressing myself out, I'm taking on a second reading challenge. The A-Z Reading Challenge. It's very simple: I have to read a book that begins with a letter from the alphabet, until I've gone through the entire alphabet! So this is my lineup!

A: Ann & Henry - Dawn Ius
B: Bad Beginning, The - Lemony Snicker
C: Castle in the Air - Diana Wynne Jones
G: Girl on a Wire - Gwenda Bond
H: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J. K. Rowling
L: Lock & Mori - Heather W. Petty
S: Sword of Summer, The - Rick Riordan
W: Winter - Marissa Meyer

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