Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hedgehog Life: 02.01.16 - 02.08.16

Happy February! Gosh, I apologize for my absence in January. I really did intend to get back into it all! But it just didn't happen. January was CRAZY!

This Week I Read:

So I'm officially up to 2/3 time at work, which is awesome. It does mean I'm working 8 hours every day, but provided I don't have any extra stuff to do, I usually get Fridays off! It's nice and I really, really enjoy my work.

On the reading front, I've actually been getting back into reading novels. I ran out of manga last week (sad face) and did an emergency trip to Barnes & Noble. But I actually ended up leaving with no manga and several new novels. Shortly after that trip, I got sick with a 48-hour cold over the weekend, so I spent that time reading Castle in the Air and then speeding my way through The Wrath and the Dawn. A friend and I are buddy reading it this month, but once I picked it up, I couldn't stop. And now I'm just craving novels. :)

On the writing front, my work on rewriting The Freelance Chronicles is going REALLY well. Hopefully I'll start posting them soon on the blog!

In daily news, life is steadying out. Now that I have work actually figured out - no more crazy schedule changes and stuff like that - I don't feel like things are quite as hectic. I'm back to cooking every Saturday night (and I've made some really awesome stuff lately! Like curry buns!) and dancing Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Yesterday several friends and I went on a big skiing trip. I didn't actually ski; I hung out in the lodge, people watching and reading. It was amazingly relaxing; exactly what I needed.

This upcoming week promises some more busyness. A friend and I are making a trip to Powell's, another friend's birthday celebration is coming up, there's Valentine's Day, President's Day, and at the end of the month, another friend and I are taking a weekend trip down to visit another friend at her college. Should be loads of fun.

Keep reading, my friends!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad the work schedule has evened out and life is fun. Happy reading!


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