Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #87 + Teaser Tuesday #48

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

Top Ten Characters That Are Fellow Book Nerds. Easy topic! The majority of my favorite characters are fellow book nerds! Let the list begin!

  1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I look forward to seeing how many lists have her at the top. She's a pretty no-brainer, immediate choice.
  2. Sarah Crewe from A Little Princess. I think she's the first protagonist I met who shared my book passion, and it's part of why I loved her so much.
  3. Meggie Fulchart from Inkheart. Let's not forget her dad, Mo, too! And Elinor! And Resa! And Darius! And, yes, even Orpheus. Let's face it - the Inkworld Trilogy is full of book nerds. :)
  4. Matilda from Matilda. Also looking forward to seeing how many lists have her among them. I didn't meet Matilda until I was older. Shockingly, I was not raised on Roald Dahl - not sure why that is. But I wasn't and didn't actually read any of his books until I was in my early teens.
  5. Flavia Gemina from The Roman Mysteries. She can be found anywhere reading Homer or Virgil - anything she can get her hands on.
  6. Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey. Not just books - she loves novels. My friends and I joke that I am a cross between Emma Woodhouse and Catherine Morland: Emma because I get a kick out of matching people (never with any serious intention, though), and Catherine because I read too many novels (and other reasons, too).
  7. Mr. Norrell from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I think he has some of the best lines about books; I want to put all of them on T-shirts and totes and plaques.
  8. Tyrion Lannister from A Game of Thrones. The most well-read character of them all. And therefore all levels of awesome.
  9. Celaena Sardothian from Throne of Glass. As much as I dislike Celaena, I have to admit that yes, she's a book nerd - and it annoys me because I dislike her and characters I dislike should never share one of my passions! It rubs me the wrong way.
  10. Atrus from Myst. All of the D'ni are book nerds, quite honestly. Hell, they write books that link to other worlds! Can't get much more book nerdish than that! :) 

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading

- Grab the book you're currently reading.
- Flip to a random page!
- Share 2 teaser sentences from that page!

He licked away the sweat from his upper lip. The painstaking process of removing the charred pieces of her shirt from the burn on her shoulders had begun more than an hour ago, and we were all in agony listening to him try to disinfect the area. Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken (pg. 288)


  1. A cross between Emma and Catherine? That sounds like an exciting life! And much more flattering than being compared to Mr. Collins. ;)

    1. It can lead to an exciting life! Or get you in trouble. ;) Haha! Oh dear - who was compared to Mr. Collins?


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