Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hedgehog Life: 7/20/15 - 7/26/15

I thought that after my last week, I'd have another whirlwind one. But to be honest, it wasn't that crazy! It was actually downright relaxing. I need to do something about this; I have too much free time. ;-)

This Week I Read:
- The Uninvited by Cat Winters (3/5 strawberries)
- A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman (4/5 strawberries)
- Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (5/5 strawberries)

This Week I Reviewed:

What's In Store For Next Week:
Monday: 2015 TBR Update #3
Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Are Book Nerds
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday with A Night Divided
Thursday: July 2015 Book Haul
Friday: Hedgie's Reading Recap: July 2015
Saturday: Hedgie's TBR: August 2015

Aside from a lunch date with a couple of friends - to catch up on life - I have devoted the week to reading and cleaning out my closet, bedroom, and library. Life has been a bit hectic - and not in a good way - so I also took the time to update and reorganize my planner. I feel so much better now. The constant annoying buzz I had at the back of my head whenever I tried to read has gone away and maybe I can staple my trousers to a chair and get on with my TBR (and writing)!

I finished up the week with going to see a play: Seussical the Musical. A few friends starred in it and it was just so much fun to watch. A perfect way to wipe out the remaining cobwebs, kick back and relax.

Keep reading, my friends!


  1. My week was mostly reading and cleaning/organizing, too...though I somehow feel like I didn't get much done? Oh well, there's always next week. :)

    1. I actually feel like I didn't much done, too, but I know I did. And now I just need to keep at it this week because it seems to have piled up again!! At least I can close my closet door again.


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