I'm Flyin' High!

That's right, people: for the second time in one year, I'm heading to the airport to catch another flight out! Destination: New York City! And BookCon!! I and my sister are meeting up with a few friends, crashing at a ritzy hotel, taking in the museums and food and bookstores, nerding out over books at BookCon, and then I come home Monday. It's going to be an awesome five days.

If any of you are going to BookCon, let me know! I will have WiFi, so I can check my blog! Maybe we will bump into each other!

And when I get back, it's going to be insane. I am taking some computer classes at the college to improve my job skills so I can eventually be hired as an assistant at the prosecutor's office. Then I'm taking on two dance classes, a self-defense class (hopefully), getting back into rock climbing, building my kayak, and and and and - well, I just have a lot to do. :)

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