Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hedgehog Life: 12.21.15 - 12.27.15

Merry Christmas! And what a Christmas - what a week - it's been!

This Week I Read:
  • Attack on Titan Vol. 16 by Hajime Isayama (5/5 strawberries)
  • Attack on Titan Vol. 17 by Hajime Isayama (5/5 strawberries)
  • Fairy Tail Vol. 7 by Hiro Mashima (4/5 strawberries)
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 5 by Natsuki Takaya (4/5 strawberries)
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 6 by Natsuki Takaya (5/5 strawberries)
  • Red River Vol. 1 by Chie Shinohara (4/5 strawberries)
  • The Many Lives of John Stone by Linda Buckley-Archer (4/5 strawberries)
My week started out with a brilliant plan to fill all of my usual work hours in three days before Christmas hit. Unfortunately, what ended up happening was I got a laryngitis attack, when then led into a very severe ear infection, and I had to take off work for practically the whole week. Nevertheless, I actually got caught up before I was forced to call in sick, so I'm not too upset. Still. . . . .ear infections are the worst. I've spent all of this week with a dreadful ringing in my head and not being able to hear anything. My eardrum ruptured, but thankfully no permanent damage. It's just going to be a month before I can hear properly again. And sadly, I was forced to miss the Christmas dance at swing. :(

On the up side, though, I was still able to do my Christmas trip to the huge Asian market in Seattle - Uwajimaya! I came home with a ton of tea, a new tea service, and some small Japanese decorations for my room. I might have also come home with the 17th volume of Attack on Titan. . . . .What can I say - it's a weakness.

Christmas Eve was quiet, but given my current state of illness, I was okay with that. I got some lovely presents, including (but not limited to): Volumes 5-17 of Fruits Basket, a Loki Pop! figurine (to keep my Thor company), Season 1 of Black Butler, the complete first season of Attack on Titan, an Attack on Titan necklace and pin with the Survey Corps emblem (my sister is being an enabler), and finally this gorgeous antique Japanese lacquered cabinet that I have converted into my tea box. I couldn't believe it, I was so freaking happy. It's so pretty! And goes extremely well with my room.

How was your Christmas?

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