Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hedgehog Life: 9/1/15 - 9/6/15

You've all probably noticed that I've kind of been absent recently! I apologize; I needed to take an impromptu break from blogging. I just wasn't feeling the reviewing spirit and everything was a chore, so yes - absence explained. But now I'm back!! And hopefully I'll stay up to date on everything!!

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- Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

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Monday: 2015 TBR Update #6
Tuesday: Top Ten Finished Series I Have YET To Finish
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday with The Hollow Boy
Thursday: TBA
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So this week has been crazy. As if the dance lessons I have right now weren't enough, I went and signed myself up for more! Labor Day Weekend saw my friends and I up at Seattle Swing having an absolute blast. We had dinner at The Tin Table - a farm-to-table restaurant that had some of the best food I've ever eaten. So, so good. Then we danced ourselves silly, went swimming the next day, and then hung out in the city until we remembered some of us did have work the next day and should probably head home.

The big news, though, is I'm back into writing. I am giving my "big" novels a rest; I've been working on them for too long and just need a break. The characters aren't talking to me, so I figured I'd turn my attention to something else. Thinking on new projects, I remembered a series of short stories I wrote as a kid that were just pure fun adventures. Sure, they had some weird moments (I was a kid, remember). But they were just a joy to write and I developed some amazing characters and concepts within their boundaries. For the past few months, I've had it in my head to create a fantasy steampunk world - and I even had a vague idea of a set of characters.

Long story short, I'm working on this series - "The Freelance Chronicles" - in earnest now. And it's got to be my favorite project to date. The characters are wonderful and numerous, the world is amazing, the magic system to die for (if I do say so myself; I'm proud of it), and the adventures just so much fun. I'm reminded once more of why I love to write so much. Will this series ever be published? Probably not. But I am considering putting it up on a blog in serial form for people to read. Mostly, though, it's for the fun of it; to share with friends and to develop characters and ideas for future books.

Keep reading, my friends!


  1. I wish you good fortune with your series :)

    1. Thank you, Abigail! It is actually going really well!


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