Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Plans!

So it's been a while since I have done a basic day-to-day post! And that's actually a good sign, because it means I have been working hard on reading books and then writing reviews. Sadly, I have been so busy the last two or three weeks that I haven't had a whole lot of time to read, so I am posting this now because I simply have nothing else to write about. Monday I should be back on our regular schedule, with more book reviews!

So what's life been like for dear Mara A? Busy. With the arrival of summer (though judging by our weather, you wouldn't think summer was here), my days have been taken up with a lot of work at the library. Our annual Summer Reading Program has started up, and with it comes lots of fun and exciting programs for kids and teens! It's always a blast helping out at such programs, and though I'm dog tired afterward, I can't say that I didn't have fun! :)

Perhaps the most exciting summer news of all, though (other than the fact that I now have a new baby nephew), is news concerning my story, The Birthright. Some of my lifelong Readers will recognize this as what was once called Lady Mulcher's Diamond, or - an even older title - The Case of the Missing Diamond. After several agonizing months of trying to figure out what to actually call the story, I finally settled on The Birthright, and it fits. But that isn't my news. My news is the very astounding fact that I have actually finished writing the fourth - and final - draft of the story. Longtime Readers will also know that I have said many times in the past that I have completed the final draft, only to rewrite it all over again. This is partially why I have waited so long to announce the news on my blog (because I, in fact, actually typed THE END back in April). I wanted to allow The Birthright to sit for some time, to see if this was indeed the final draft, or just another step closer to the final draft. I can now say with absolute 100% certainty that this is, indeed, the final draft. I can tell you that it's been one rollercoaster trying to write this story, and I'm excited to be done with it! And also a little sad. I'll miss these particular characters a lot, but I am ready to move on.

So what happens with The Birthright now? Well, I have my bestest best friends reading it over in its entirety, now that I have done fine-tuning editing (i.e. grammatical checks, spelling checks, and smoothing out some rough spots), and I am actively seeking a publisher, so The Birthright can then go through its final stages of editing. I have not yet sent it to anyone; I am still looking into the actual process of submissions. So unfortunately, Readers, I can't announce that The Birthright will hit shelves any time soon, but believe me: when that happens, you'll be the first to know!

Aside from library work and writing, I have, of course, been reading. A lot. As eager as I am to start work on my new story (working title Elnora's Story), I have a MASSIVE pile of library - and new - books in my room that are begging for my attention first. I haven't put a dent in it; not like I was hoping to over the last few days. But I will! Eventually! And you can all look forward to my upcoming reviews for said books.

But now that summer is "officially" here, I can look forward to some summer plans:

  • The Renaissance Faire is coming up, and I always look forward to that. Especially now that I have a mask to wear for the royal masquerade. I'm really excited for the jousting and the cavallo acrobatics show - and this year, there will be a Punch and Judy show!
  • Later in July, I am going to meet Marissa Meyer - author of Cinder and Scarlet! She's coming to my local library, and my Readers can be assured that not only will I get photos and my books signed, I will also be asking her some questions and (hopefully) remembering to write down her answers, so I can give a detailed post on her visit. So if there are any questions you guys want me to ask her, please feel free to e-mail me (see Contact page for e-mail address).
  • Finish my library? I put a question mark because this particular summer plan depends on more than just myself. My dad has to finish building the last two shelves, and if he doesn't find the time to the do that, then I can't do much about it. So maybe instead, I will finish sewing my tapestry so I can hang it up, and then I will get that promised photo of my library.
  • Movies! Most of the movies I want to see aren't out until the fall (sadly), but I have every intention of seeing The Sea of Monsters in August, just for my Readers! I will be reviewing The Lightning Thief - both the book and the movie - a few weeks before I go see The Sea of Monsters, so keep an eye out for those.
  • Writing. I will at least get the basic storyline of Elnora's Story planned this summer, if not written. Hopefully.
  • And of course: reading! There's a ton of books I want to read this summer and I need to get back on top of my game and do it!
What are some of your summer plans?

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