Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: The Unseen Guest - Maryrose Wood

The Unseen Guest
by Maryrose Wood
Middle Grade
Read From: Apr. 26, 2012 - Apr. 29, 2012

The first two books in this series are weird, but The Unseen Guest might be the weirdest. So far. Wolves large enough to ride, a mysterious cave stockpiled with provisions, the suspicious Judge Quinzy, and of course the continued shadowy past of Penelope herself. I wish I could say that some questions are answered in this third volume, but they aren't. The Author merely reveals more pieces to the puzzle - all of which are very surprising and intriguing, but they merely lead to more questions, and the book yet again ends on a note of peril and mystery. Maryrose Wood is certainly giving herself a lot of pieces and angles to work with, and she may very well be able to write as many books as Snicket without the series getting old. But unlike Snicket, I hope she actually ends this series to where she addresses all of the questions she is leaving with her Readers. Snicket managed to get by with answering very few of his, but this is not a series that could pull that off as well. It would just leave Readers unsatisfied.

All of the characters remain good, though I have to admit that for once Penelope's continued optimism actually got a tad bit on my nerves. There was just something slightly irksome about it, and I actually kind of wanted to slap her silly in a few scenes. Thankfully, I only had this urge twice, and hopefully I won't experience it again in future installments. Admiral Faucet proved to be a thoroughly entertaining individual - the classic English explorer, - and happily Simon makes an appearance towards the end of the book. I hope he is in Book Four more, as well as the mysterious Gypsy fortune teller.

While this was actually my least favorite out of the three books (at this point, the Reader needs to get a few answers, even if it but two), I still really enjoyed it, and I look forward to Book Four. It can't come out soon enough!

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