Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: The Solstice Cup - Rachel Dunstan Muller

The Solstice Cup
by Rachel Dunstan Muller
Young Adult
Read From: Apr. 18, 2012 - Apr. 20, 2012

This is essentially a retelling of the Tamlin ballad, only it's with sisters - and no, I am not counting that against the book, because it actually worked really well. And for being such a short book, the Author was able to capture a lot of suspense and depth. Mackenzie is a heroine easy to sympathize with  and like. Meanwhile, her twin sister Breanne is positively horrid. The Reader is not supposed to like her, naturally; Breanne is an absolute jerk. I so badly wanted something bad and irreversible happen to her, and I must admit that if I had been Mackenzie, I might not have even bothered to rescue Breanne from the Fair Folk. Especially when by the end of their trials and tribulations, Breanne doesn't seemed to have altered at all.

The Author's rendition of the Fair Folk is one of the better ones that I have read, though I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of how she portrayed the Wild Hunt. Rather than Faerie horses and Faerie dogs, the Author the Fair Folks' mounts into mish-mosh creatures. For me, there has always been something incredibly eerie about the Wild Hunt mounts being beautiful, but deadly, horses that can never be tamed. It plays with our thoughts of we think we know something, but then we're presented with a darker side of it. There was just nothing scary about the Hunt at all in the way the Author portrayed it.

That is my only complaint, though, and as a whole I liked The Solstice Cup. It was a good, quick read dealing with one of my favorite subjects: Celtic lore.

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