Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Juliet's Moon - Ann Rinaldi

Juliet's Moon
by Ann Rinaldi
Young Adult
Read From: Apr. 14, 2012 - Apr. 15, 2012

Even though this particular Ann Rinaldi book only earned 3 stars, I still liked it. Compared to her other books, it was not my favorite for several reasons: Juliet is a pretty spoiled girl, and even though she does usually act for selfless means, I had a hard time completely connecting to her, and part of what makes Rinaldi's heroines so good is the ease in which the Reader can connect to them. Juliet also was not a real figure in history, and I always tend to like Rinaldi's fictional characters less than the real ones that she brings to life with her outstanding writing. And then the story just kind of ends. This is a book that could have been longer, and been made better because of it.

However, there were things I did like. I have never heard of this particular event in history until now, and I found it to be very interesting. One thing I love so much about Ann Rinaldi's books is she picks small tragedies in history that not many people know about. And I also liked how Rinaldi managed to tell a story from the point of view of a Confederate girl. Not many writers are comfortable with telling the Civil War through the eyes of the South, but Rinaldi can do it - and she does it well. It never feels like she's saying one side was better than the other. She consistently illustrates that both sides did bad things, and both sides did good things.

Juliet's Moon is certainly not my favorite Ann Rinaldi book, but it is still good and worth reading.

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