Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: The Hunt for the Seventh - Christine Morton-Shaw

The Hunt for the Seventh
by Christine Morton-Shaw
Young Adult
Read From: Apr. 2, 2012 - Apr. 5, 2012

Caution: this is a book you don't want to read at night, unless you want to be seriously spooked. This is a ghost story that stood my hair on end more than once, and it was awesome. Different from The Riddles of Epsilon, it still retains all of those elements that I loved about that book. Clues, riddles, a chilling mystery, ancient folklore, a sense of urgency, and quirky characters that always seem to live in small towns and villages.

It's hard to compare The Hunt for the Seventh to The Riddles of Epsilon. The characters and the plotline are just different enough to make it difficult. Jim is more likable than Jess in The Riddles of Epsilon if only because Jess started out with a bad attitude, and Jim doesn't. He tunes in to the estate's mysteries quickly, and his curiosity and feeling that something isn't quite right fuels him on, despite the potential danger. And with each new clue solved, the mystery becomes darker and creepier, and that much more exciting. The twist is very unexpected; things build to an amazing climax, until everything seems to be going wrong for Jim, and the Author brings it all to a spectacular end. It definitely does not disappoint. Christine Morton-Shaw knows how to keep a Reader hooked, and I really hope she writes another book.

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