Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Wishing you all the best of beginnings for a new year! According to some - including the Mayans, apparently - the world is supposed to end this year, right before Christmas Eve (23rd), so this would be the year of doing all those things you've been wanting to do, but never did because you realized that you would have to live with the consequences - or embarrassment, depending on what it is you did. But of course, if the all-knowing Mayans are wrong, perhaps you'd best not pull the trick on your bestest best friend that you have been planning since you were twelve. ;)

Though I rather hope that the Mayans are right (but, unfortunately, I think that that is wishful thinking. *loud sigh*), I'm going to plan for them being wrong. So, on with the traditional New Year's Resolutions that no one ever ends up keeping, because 1)you forget, and 2)you lose the gumption to carry them on for a full year. I'm not pointing fingers; I'm just as guilty as anyone! But this year some of my resolutions that I will complete (yeah, I know; everyone says that) are:
  1. Read 200 books. I've been slacking for the last few years and have barely made it to 150, let alone 200. So this year, I am determined to hit the 200 mark.
  2. Complete Draft 4 of The Lost Necklace/Lord Mulcher's Diamond/The Affair of the Missing Diamond (whichever title you prefer; I haven't yet settled on one). I thought that through Christmas break, I'd be able to get something written, but I didn't, and I get the horrible feeling that I might be stuck for a while. So I have turned this into a New Year's Resolution.
  3. Pay attention to one of my new stories, rather than devoting all of my writing time to The Lost Necklace. My poor 12 other stories; I haven't paid them one wit of attention since starting on this project, and this year, I really do need to work on the others a bit.
  4. Replace the rest of my Alex Rider paperbacks with hardcovers! I'll be one more book down come Monday, since I am going book-shopping.
  5. Get a new post up at least every other day. I feel awful because I have been neglecting my blog quite a bit since the beginning of September. I am three book reviews behind still, and my Christmas posts, I realize, were erratic (and I know; my gingerbread house pictures and Shrewsbury Cake recipe are not up yet; I'll get them up Monday - promise!!!).
  6. Learn 5 new tunes. My fiddle - the Red Lady - has been getting just as bored with the old tunes as I have, and I have a compilation CD of fiddle tunes I've been wanting to learn, but haven't found the time. Well, this year I will get at least 5 under my fingers.
  7. Re-read several of my favorite series, as well as some books I read a looooooooooooong time ago. I have been meaning to do that for I don't know how long. There are always more books than time!!
  8. Get back to my daily walks, rain or shine. And riding.
  9. And last, but not least, learn how to cook REAL Italian! I have a HUGE Italian cookbook that I bought a few years back, and I was going to try a new recipe out of it every Saturday, and of course I forgot. Well, time to actually do it!
Happy New Year, everyone!

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