Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hedgehog Life: 03.06.16 - 03.13.16

Hello, all! Wow, another week gone and I'm actually posting something on this blog! Now I just need to do reviews. . . .heheheheh. . . . yeah. . . .

So on that subject: The Reading Hedgehog is sort of undergoing a transformation - albeit a slow one. You might've heard a while back that a good friend has loaned me her video recorder indefinitely. My beautiful GoPro has sort of bitten the dust. Ever since my trip to New York in 2015, it has been MASSIVELY finicky about taking video until it just plain freezes up if I try and record anything longer than 5 seconds. And now I've broken the charging chord, so I can't even take pictures with it because it's battery is dead. Roar!

Anyway, I have a video recorder now - which means I can get back to shooting video!!!! As soon as I buy an SD card for it. . . .Which I am going to. And when I do, that's when you'll see the "transformation" on The Reading Hedgehog. I don't know why, but I've recently gotten to where I don't enjoy writing reviews for books anymore. However, the idea of video reviews does appeal to me immensely. Hopefully this explains to you all why I haven't been writing any reviews: I just haven't wanted to in a really, really, really long time. But! As soon as I get an SD card for this recorder and I figure out how to film with it, I'm going to start posting review videos. LOTS of review videos. The Reading Hedgehog is going to expand its Youtube booktube channel, which also means that yes, I will actually spend time learning how to edit my videos more thoroughly. :)

So I beg you to have patience. Reviews are in the future; just not quite yet.

In other news: this week has been kind of so-so. Been working hard while fighting allergies that were simultaneously trying to turn into another cold. But this time I listened to my body's warning signals. I immediately took decongestants, went to bed early, drank LOTS of orange juice and ate fruit and seaweed, and *gasp* actually stayed home from dancing! Because I am NOT GETTING SICK!!

The hedgehog has been fighting illness right alongside me. Sometime last week he got a minor skin infection and he's been on a round of antibiotics. It's looking better and he's not acting ill, thank goodness.

And that's been the week! Not very exciting.

Keep reading, my friends!


  1. I hope you and Bilbo both feel better soon :) My allergies are terrible! I know exactly what you mean with writing reviews, I just haven't been able to get back into it. I have been doing longer video wrap ups. Maybe they'll turn into video reviews too lol. Good luck with that though :)

    1. Bilbo is doing a lot better. He's still on more antibiotics, but the infection is almost completely gone now.

  2. I hope everyone feels healthy soon! And don't worry about not writing reviews. There's no rule that says you have to write formal reviews on a book blog. Maybe just a quick, "I liked this one" and "I didn't like this one" if you really feel bad not writing about it. Otherwise, reserve the writing energy for what you enjoy writing. Good luck! :)

    1. It sort of seems pointless to have a book blog if I don't write reviews. ;) But I'm having a lot of fun filming them, so I think that makes up for it. Now I just need to actually read enough books to record reviews for. ;)


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