Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Bookshelf Overview

Hey, all!

So once again I've been pretty absent from my blog. I know I said I was going to get back into it, and I have every intention of doing so! I just can't even begin to tell you guys how crazy my life has been lately. Anyway, I thought as a good way to get back into things, I'd give you all an updated overview/tour of my bookshelves! I hope you enjoy!!


  1. I'm happy to see you here again!

    Your library is lovely. A thousand books, and teacups and Thor (I hope you can find Loki) and Ireland and chocolate :) I saw that you have The Sword of Summer; it's marvelous.

    1. I've been gone for too long; I miss you all!!

      Thank you! :) It's been a real labor of love. For New Year's, I will have to do yet another bookshelf overview, because shortly after posting this video, I actually completely redid my manga shelf. I do have THE SWORD OF SUMMER! I'm about 50 pages in and am loving every second of it!


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