Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hedgehog Life: 10/5/15 - 10/11/15

So I know you've all noticed my unannounced, sudden disappearance from the blogosphere and really all of my social media. Except for the still-consistent Goodreads updates, you haven't seen hide nor hair of me for a good month (and a half). I'm really sorry about there; there is an explanation for it, and I have every intention of still posting my August Wrap-Up, Book Haul, TBR, and all that good stuff.

Now normally, I do a brief weekly update of what I've posted and what I've read. But I'm going to skip a lot of that, except for a brief reading update.

This Week I Read:
- Tsubasa: Those With Wings Vol. 1 - Natsuki Takaya (3/5)
- Fruits Basket: Vol. 4 - Natsuki Takaya (4/5)
- Attack on Titan: Vol. 3 - Hajime Isayama (5/5)
- Noragami: Stray God Vol. 2 - Adachi Toka (4/5)
- The Lost Kingdom - Matthew J. Kirby (3/5)

So I gave a very brief update a few weeks back on why I've been absent. I had some medical things come up that had me wiped out for a while. I'm getting better now, but then I got busy with college and my motivation to blog just slowly disappeared. That isn't to say I've been lazy, though! So what's been going on in my life other than my body playing stupid tricks on me?

Well! I've been dancing away, as usual. This week, I start Argentinian Tango classes and at the end of the month my swing friends and I get to go to a fancy dancy masquerade gala at the capitol building! Yes, I am shopping for a dress. I just realized that out of all the masks and dresses I own, none of them actually go together. Anyway, I have a very specific color in mind and I don't have a dress or mask to match!

Some of you may have also already heard about my new project: The Freelance Chronicles. Check out the link, but it's essentially a serialized series I'm doing 1) for the fun of it, and 2) I miss writing, but I need a break from my "big" story. I've had a lot of ideas and characters floating around in my head for a future fantasy steampunk world that I didn't really know what to do with. So I put them in The Freelance Chronicles. Please check it out! I'm trying to get a new installment up every two weeks.

I also took the time off my blog to just rest. While I'm only taking one class at college this quarter (a Microsoft Word course that is oodles of fun, but also super easy), it's still been sapping a lot of my energy. 7am and I don't and never shall get along, and from there I have to go to work, and then from work usually to dance. So in my down time, I haven't felt like reading any books that make me feel the pressure of writing reviews for.

Thus I discovered manga. I blame my friend Catherine. She's been trying to corrupt me for two years and I always maintained that I would never get into anime or manga. The style isn't for me, I don't want to read books "backwards", I'm sure there are some super cool storylines and characters but it's not for me. . . .Yeah, well, she finally wore me down. Thankfully, Catherine knows manga and anime as well as I know YA and Middle Grade, so she can filter out the bad stuff for me. I'm getting the cream of the crop. ;-) Manga and anime have become my guilty pleasures. They're fast, they're fun, and they really do have some of the most amazing characters and storylines I've ever encountered. September was essentially a "get better by indulging" month. Recovering from my medical issues and reading a lot of manga and watching a lot of anime. I had to create a special shelf in my bedroom for all of the manga series I have currently going.

But I'm feeling a lot better now. Still kind of beating it out of my system, but still a lot better. I'm back in the rhythm of college, work is getting steadily busier with the holiday season upon us, but I'm okay with it (for now). And my evenings are getting a rhythm back as well. I'll have an August book haul, reading wrap-up, and TBR video for you in the next few weeks. As well as a September wrap-up/what mangas and animes am I currently in the middle of video and an October TBR. My September book haul will be combined with my October one, as the books have accidentally been mixed together already.

Until then, I'll see you around!


  1. Glad you're feeling better :) That's awesome that you're taking Argentine tango, I love that style, it's so cool and technical. Glad you're having fun with your Word class too, learning how to use it properly is a definite must for anyone in the writing realm :P I'm here still waiting for it to decide to get cold so I can wear all my good clothes. But at least shows are coming off hiatus so that's something :P

    1. We had our first tango lesson on Sunday, and oh my gosh - so much fun! I was shocked to discover that my old Irish dance lessons actually helped tremendously. The same upper body stiffness is required and being able to extend one's leg really far - it comes very naturally to me.

    2. I never would have thought that, but I guess you're right. Ballroom holds are rather stiff like you would need for step dancing. Glad you're having fun with it!


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