Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Older

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Yep, I'm old, and legal in every sense of the word. Despite getting older, I had a really good birthday. I had a friend over for a nice dinner of spicy Indian food and a homemade double-chocolate cake that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it would. Taste-wise, it was yummy, but it was more of a torte than a birthday cake. I had a very specific image in my mind of how this cake was going to look - it was going to be sophisticated and awesome. Well . . . it looked more like a chocolate leaning tower of Pisa and the cookies lining the bottom weren't straight. Oh well! Taste it what matters most, right?

A week earlier, I went to PNB's Swan Lake production as part of my birthday present. I have been wanting to go see Swan Lake for years, so that was a really special treat. And it was so beautiful and moving - I almost started crying at the end, when Sigrid and Odette had to bid farewell. It's one of the saddest fairy tales/love stories ever. But I really enjoyed it. Tchaikovksy is definitely one of my favorite composers when it comes to ballet scores.

But Swan Lake wasn't my only birthday present. I also got Michael Buble's new CD To Be Loved - and I'm loving it, - as well as a couple of other goodies: an awesome 1920s/30s-style hat, a pretty peach scarf with adorable fringe, and $40 to spent at Powell's City of Books! I'm so excited!!

All in all, it was a really good birthday, and I can ignore the fact that it will only be 8 years before I'm thirty.

My 1920s/30s hat! Isn't it awesome?
The pink scarf; I am positively in love with it.

A while back,  I promised to post pictures of my masks. I didn't get either of them for my birthday, but I decided that I mine as well put the pictures up now. So! Here they are! The Venetian longnose mask was given to me by a friend last year for Christmas. She visited Germany last summer, and popped over to Venice while she was at it. I've been wanting one of these masks for a long time, so she got me one. So nice of her! The other mask I bought at the Renaissance Faire. It's handcrafted, but not in Venice, sadly. Still, it's a nice mask and compliments my costume very well.
My Venetian longnose mask, from Venice!
My gold mask, not from Venice.

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