Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Craving Something Yummy!

Readers, remember reading about those scrumpious November Cakes in The Scorpio Races and really craving one? Craving one now as we slide further into November? Well, Maggie Stiefvater kindly posted the recipe on a Twitter update! So get your November Cake recipe here! I tried the recipe out myself today. I substituted the orange extract with lemon extract (because I prefer lemons over oranges) for the roll filling, and instead of using water and butter for the icing recipe, I just used milk and powdered sugar. It's the same type of icing I use for my very popular (and highly unhealthy) cinnamon rolls. The glaze the recipe calls for surprised me. It has a very mild caramel flavor, which was nice, because I don't like caramel, but a slight caramel-ish flavor was fine with me.

When I bit into my first November Cake, my thought was wow. They are amazing, and they really hit the spot when it comes to craving a delicious, warm, baked good. And considering that it's something akin to a cinnamon roll, it really doesn't have all that much sugar or butter. Before you set out to bake your own November Cakes, make sure you have time, because this isn't a baking project that should be rushed. Actually, it's a really good baking project to do when you have a good book to finish, because while you're waiting for your dough to rise, you can just snatch your book up and read!

Thank you so much, Maggie, for sharing this recipe with us! And I want to extend my personal thanks to my friend Hazel for sending me the link! Enjoy your November Cakes!

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