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Review: Dragon Spear - Jessica Day George

Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George
Series: Dragon Slippers #3
Genre: Middle Grade, fantasy
Published on May 12, 2009
Published by Bloomsbury
Pages: 248
Read From: 7.21.12 - 7.24.12

Cover Blurb: This might actually be my favorite out the three, with the emerald-green dragon, the eggs, and Creel. I don’t normally like characters to be on the front of books, but since Creel’s face isn’t entirely defined, I don’t mind it.

What I Liked: I did like that the storyline was so different from the last two. A “third Dragon War” would have been tedious. Creel’s brother, Hagen, was a good addition to the cast; he lent a further dose of humor to things, and as always I love Luka and Creel and all the dragons. I’ll never tire of them.

What I Disliked: Once again, Luka felt like a third wheel. He didn’t do anything, except get captured several times. He didn’t even have that much to say. As much as I liked Hagen, his overall purpose to the story was unclear; he was just another human to keep track of. And while Creel’s wedding gown situation was rather funny, having two ruined bordered on the silly side of things.

Believability: Not really applicable to this story.

Writing Style: This Author has always had a pleasant, entertaining style, and she doesn’t lose it in this addition. My only complaints when it comes to writing is, well, the whole book’s existence itself. Don’t get me wrong - I liked Dragon Spear. It had a lot of good moments. But even so, the whole story felt like a stretch to make a trilogy. This could have very easily been a two-book series; a third book pushed it, even with the storyline being different from the last two. It was kind of scenario of, How many times can Creel really get into trouble?

Content: None.

Conclusion: Again, the ruination of two wedding gowns went from being funny to rather silly; Mannyl’s death was very anticlimactic; and Rannym’s attempt to steal Velika’s firstborn would have been way too much of a stretch at trying to have a dramatic ending if the scene had been drug out. But for all the book’s faults, and my firm belief that there really didn’t need to be three books, I still enjoyed it. It’s hard not to with this particular set of characters.

Recommended Audience: Fans of this trilogy, naturally, and Readers who like dragon stories. This is, obviously, intended for a younger audience, and most teens probably wouldn't care for it. This is more of a girl-read than the other two.

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