Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We're Moving!

It's been a hard decision, but the time has finally come. The Reading Hedgehog has officially moved to a new platform, complete with a new look, new content, and new attitude! It's always a scary decision moving to a new platform, but sometimes it's the best thing. For a while now, this old blog has been feeling lifeless and stale, no matter how many times I try to revamp it. My enthusiasm always peters out and I question why I even try.

No more, though! It's with great joy and excitement that I unveil The Reading Hedgehog "2.0" to everyone! I really, really, really hope you all come over and continue to follow along in the new place. You've been a splendid set of "followers" and I very much would like to continue to hang out and talk book with all of you. And I very much hope that this new blog proves to be a much more encouraging atmosphere for discussions.

So please, trot on over to: and say hello! See you there!!